At the beginning of the semester, I made three Writing Resolutions. To Exercise!  (Physically, mentally, and writer-ly) I think I did one What If exercise this entire semester, if any. I was marginally better at keeping up with my physical workout schedule, but I still can’t do the splits. I’m not sure I’ve made… Continue reading Reflecting

The Role of Research in Writing

For “The American Man, Age 10,” Susan Orlean immersed herself in the world of a young boy.  In “The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever,” Michael Mooney seamlessly integrated more innocuous facts about bowling than I knew existed.  Both writers went beyond interview and pulled us into a story by creating their subjects worlds’ through research.  Research… Continue reading The Role of Research in Writing

Why (I) Write. What Do I Want to Learn about Writing?

For as long as I can remember, I have carried a journal and a book in my backpack.  I consumed elementary school novels by the dozen.  I graduated to adult supernatural thrillers by seventh grade.  Today, I will read anything and everything.  Ancient epics, war memoirs, the latest YA dystopian thriller, and the Reader’s Digest.  Old… Continue reading Why (I) Write. What Do I Want to Learn about Writing?